Take Your Dress from Summer to Fall


Set by AZ Style Girl

As the air chills in Arizona I look into my closet and think about how to transition my pieces. Now “recycled” appears to be the new buzz word for wearing a piece of clothing more than one time. Recently, both Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton were referred to as donning “recycled” pieces. I mean, is that supposed to be a bad thing? In my opinion these ladies are smart and savvy fashionistas. For us everyday folk, wearing an article of clothing more than once is a reality and finding different ways to style and wear it is what stretches our budget.

This summer the high to low hem dress was hot in stores. I like to refer to it as the mullet dress because it’s short in the front and long in the back just like a hockey haircut. One way it can be transitioned into fall, especially in Arizona, is by layering it with a great faux fur vest. Gold and black is my favorite color story of the moment and a hot trend for fall. An open toe caged bootie gives the outfit a glam appeal and an animal print clutch adds a little something unexpected. So go grab your mullet dress before it goes into hibernation and make it work some overtime.

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