Styling a Maxi Skirt with a Sweatshirt



I re-pinned this look from Nina Garcia on Pinterest as inspiration for my “Maxing Out” board.  I’m a huge fan of the maxi skirt/dress for any time of year and I’m always looking for unique ways to style them.  The glam-casual twist of this fashionistas look keeps me intrigued.  Her top knotted bun and red pout is a key to this vibe.  The addition of the statement necklace draws in the eye and keeps you guessing as to where this girl is headed.

This should be an easy look for a most of us to style.  I picked up a great pleated maxi skirt earlier this year at Old Navy, and like many, have cozy sweatshirt tops stowed for fall and winter in AZ.  Keep the makeup simple, pop a great lipstick or stain, and add an interesting necklace.  Boom-you are ready to go.

My one and only complaint about this look, which is personal preference, is the length of the skirt.  I don’t like mine to drag on the ground, which appears to be what’s going on in this picture.  The shoe choice here is left to the imagination, but my advice is to always wear something underneath that gives you the extra vertical.  I would stay glam with a heel, or keep it casual with a nice wedge bootie.

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