Why Wearing Sweatpants Is Not a Sign of Defeat



With rain in the air and winter on its way I thought this was the perfect day for this blog post.  Recently, I saw a quote by Karl Lagerfeld floating around the social media world.  According to Karl, “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat.  You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.”  I wasn’t surprised that this came from Mr. Lagerfeld.  His quotes are something that makes him unique, and well, he’s Karl…..come on.  I was however shocked by how many women, many in the fashion community, strongly supported his statement.  And my reaction was, “REALLY!?”

So today I write in my favorite Victoria’s Secret PINK sweatpants.  I’m the owner of many pairs, and yes I’m also a fashionista.  I’m not defeated, but rather empowered.  I wear sweatpants not because I’ve lost control, but because I like to be comfortable.  This model is styled on point with a hoodie, pant, Converse trifecta.  She’s ready for errands, lunch, shopping, you name it, and still looks good while staying cozy.  I support all the real women out there who rock their sweatpants, and think those who judge take themselves just a little too seriously.

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