Styling the Old Navy Fox & Owl Sweater


Set by AZ Style Girl

The Griswold’s really got people excited for sweaters at Old Navy this year.  I myself am a huge fan of the commercials.  It’s so good to see Clark and the rest of the family together again this holiday.  If you are a fan of the women’s owl, fox, or polka dot sweaters you may be out of luck if you have not scored one yet. Most of the stores are out of stock or have very few sizes left at all.  There are still plenty of other ones left, but these were my personal favorites.

This year I got my Old Navy sweater style inspiration from the woods.  Riding boots, gloves, pants, the whole nine.  I will also being layering up my sweater with great plaid button up, and it just so happens these are also in store right now in a variety of great colors to choose from.

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