A Review of the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Cream Gel Shadow



I’m still in the process of mastering these Maybelline color tattoo shadows.  My first purchase was the tenacious teal as shown above, and I’ve added audacious asphalt, bold gold, and painted purple to my collection since.  Ultimately, my goal is to achieve the look just like the models have in the television and print ads.  The more I practice, the closer I get.

The color selections of this product are on point, and the reference of a color tattoo is accurate.  These shadows stay put.  I’ve never worn mine for 24 hours, but I wouldn’t doubt the staying power.

My only qualm about this shadow is its texture and I do wish it was creamier.  After trial and error I’ve learned you really have to warm it up inside the pot prior to its application.  To acquire the more dramatic effect more is more.  There really is a lot of color inside the pot so don’t be afraid to skimp.

I’ve achieved my best results by using a synthetic brush, but the color can also be applied with your ring finger for a light wash.  I’ve found that applying a matte shadow base and then the color tattoo is a good strategy.  I also like to blend other shadows over the color tattoo once it has set.  All in all I am fond of the color tattoo shadows and look forward to trying a color from the new metal collection soon.

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