A Review of the Prabal Gurung for Target Collection



Even though Prabal is one of my favorite designers I honestly lost my excitement for the drop of his collection today after witnessing the Target + Neiman Marcus debacle.  Seeing those “designer” products get slashed from 50% to then 75% off right before the blink of an eye really left a sour taste in my mouth.

On a positive note, clothing from this collection is located in the women’s section in the front of the store, as opposed to being hidden in the back by the dressing rooms like the Neiman Marcus line.  You must still hunt for shoes and accessories though, because they will most likely be separated from the clothing.  Now, I can’t really call it much of a selection, but there were three styles of shoes on an end cap in the shoe section along with three very small clutches I saw being displayed.  I was also able to find a few crystal necklaces and silver items in one of the locked cases where you need the assistance of a sales associate.

It seems like Arizona stores get the short end of the stick on these specific designer collections, i.e. Missoni, Jason Wu, etc.  To me the inventory stocked to purchase is average, with a few good pieces to pick up if you’re lucky, but mostly just…..meh.  For example, I was hoping to score the white blazer and shorts in the floral crush print.  I had an awesome sales associate help me check multiple stores with no luck.  This was not because the items were sold out, but because the stores will not be carrying the pieces at all.

I wanted to fall in love with this collection, but I think I might be suffering a broken heart.  However, here are my top three picks from Prabal’s collection for Target that I found in store today:

1. Short sleeve dress in first date print, $39.99.  To me this dress sums up Prabal as a designer and is my favorite piece from the collection.

2. Skirt in meet the parents print, $29.99.  This is a great black and white floral full a-line skirt with the addition of side pockets.

3. Pointy-toe pump, Nolita print, $39.99.  This is a nice printed pump with great color, and will be a perfect hit for spring.

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