Prada Fall 2013 Collection


Has your mother ever told you not to leave home with your hair wet for fear of you catching a cold?  Well, yesterday Prada made this look cool.  For anyone looking to save some time by skimping on the blow dry just rock the wet head look with your fabulous outfit.  I knew the moment the fan starting spinning things were going to get interesting.  I was captivated the entire time, mainly because the looks sent down the runway by Miuccia weren’t necessarily what I was expecting.

The colors used were gorgeous of course.  Then there were the twists of stripes, checks, and the occasional classic Prada embellishments.  There was also a pattern of tea length skirts, dresses, and jackets.  I was obsessed with the doctor/bowling bags being toted by models as well as the black double-rimmed sunnies that made their debut.  I loved the use of metallics popping in the wardrobe, shoes, and accessories.  With the addition of giant fur cuffs and hemlines that just made no sense it was a collection to definitely be talked about.

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