Dita Von Teese Wears A 3D Printed Gown



Dita Von Teese may speak softly, but she carries a big fashion stick.  She modeled this gown at the Ace Hotel in New York earlier this week.  The dress was 3D printed, and engineered to fit her body to show movement without sacrificing sex appeal.  As a girl who just took in digital print fashion at the Phoenix Art Museum, seeing this 3D printed garment really took things to the next level.

Fashion is going Terminator here, and the easiest way I can break it down is like this.  Idea/Concept = Design/Computer = Machine/Printed = Hand Constructed/Body.

The creators behind this piece are designer Michael Schmidt and architect Francis Bitonti.  The dress was 3D printed by a company called Shapeways.  In the printing process nylon powder was hardened by lasers, and afterwards pieces of mesh were created with flexible joints.  The pieces were then fashioned together, colored, and decorated by hand with thousands of Swarovski crystals, which resulted in a one of a kind piece for Dita to wear.  

Dita was the perfect model cast to show off this piece and rumor is she will be the only one to ever wear it.  According to reports, the dress will go on tour, first at Swarovski, and then on display at art museums.  I will be keeping my fingers crossed to see it in Phoenix someday.

For more inspiration on the 3D printing process and design of Dita’s dress check out the video below.

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