Kanye West Really Likes Fashion


Putting all Twitter feuds aside I watched the Kanye West BBC interview with an open mind.  Kanye is a major force in the music industry, but it’s the world of fashion where he wants to make his mark.  Surprisingly, he reported spending the last ten years devoting 80% of himself to fashion and 20% to music.

Kanye is a self-described “creative” having what appears to be an abundance of ideas that need to be put into motion. Here are some of his fashionable thoughts:

  • He sees fashion designers as peers and has the utmost respect for artists.  He recommends taking the time to say thank you as they’re adding to the world and making things better.
  • He’s loved fashion since age 5, but everything he liked was too expensive.  He started drawing Jordan’s in the 4th grade when his mom couldn’t afford to buy him a pair.
  • He wants to make a higher level of product for the real world.  He knows unless you’re somebody you don’t get to wear designer labels.  “You may love Versace, but you don’t get to wear Versace.”
  • He understands the snobbery of the fashion world.  “You can have on a ZARA pant and a girl walks in with a Céline
    version and you feel like sh**.”
  • He describes the new slaves as the people who love fashion.
  • He was a little peeved when Hedi Slimane didn’t let him into his first Saint Laurent show after Hedi stipulated it be the ONLY show he attend.
  • He’s more than just making t-shirts and the biggest challenge he’s faced is the lack of support.

Rumor is Kanye may be getting some help from former Balmain designer, Christophe Decarnin, to make his fashion comeback. In my opinion this would be an amazing joint fashion venture that he’s been hoping for.  After watching Kanye’s interview I understood his message.  Whether you love him or hate him you have to respect his drive and his passion for fashion.

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