What Guys Really Think About Heels Vs. Flats


Not too long ago I began taking a survey on heels vs. flats and proposed my question to a large group of working male professionals.  I had a strong suspicion heels would be popular, but just how so was a little surprising.  After a few change of answers there was only one taker for flats and heels won my survey by a landslide.  Below is a snapshot of the information I obtained and glimpse into the male perspective regarding girls who wear heels.

Photo By AZ Style Girl

Photo by AZ Style Girl

  • It’s all about definition.  They accentuate your calves.  The flex on the foot in the shoe tones the muscle and makes the legs look sleek and sexy.
  • Who wants a nice ass?  They make your butt look good, and to be more specific they make it pop.  When paired with a short skirt… perfection.
  • Can you say leverage?  They make you look taller… and tall girl is a hot girl.
  • Who wants to be an Audrey?  Heels are more classy.  In general they are more attractive, exquisite, and sexy.
  • The vibes you give off.  Heels make guys think you have a greater sense of confidence, sassiness, and sexual power.
  • Height does matter.  Three inches or more is preferred while two inches or less screams librarian.
  • Practice makes perfect.  A girl who can actually walk in a pair of heels with her back straight and a little strut is the sexiest.  Slouching or stumbling is not a good look.
  • Keep them clean.  They should always be kept in good working condition.
  • The laws of attraction.  There is a sexual attraction between a pretty woman and her heels just as for some women there is a  sexual attraction with a man in a uniform.  It’s not the shoes themselves that are stimulating… it’s the shoes being worn by a woman.

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