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Anniversary & Reflection


Four years ago I created the AZ Style Girl Blog and typed my first post called, “Passion.” I began an incredible roller coaster ride, and without any formal fashion degree was able to turn my dream into a reality.  I was self-taught.  I trained. I studied. I inspired others.

And then… life happened.

On this 4 year anniversary I thank all of you who have supported my blog and believed in my talent.   I am excited to rebuild and greatly appreciate any positive feedback. What do you want to read?  What inspires you? What are your fashion/beauty questions?

Until then,

XOXO AZ Style Girl

What Guys Really Think About Heels Vs. Flats


Not too long ago I began taking a survey on heels vs. flats and proposed my question to a large group of working male professionals.  I had a strong suspicion heels would be popular, but just how so was a little surprising.  After a few change of answers there was only one taker for flats and heels won my survey by a landslide.  Below is a snapshot of the information I obtained and glimpse into the male perspective regarding girls who wear heels.

Photo By AZ Style Girl

Photo by AZ Style Girl

  • It’s all about definition.  They accentuate your calves.  The flex on the foot in the shoe tones the muscle and makes the legs look sleek and sexy.
  • Who wants a nice ass?  They make your butt look good, and to be more specific they make it pop.  When paired with a short skirt… perfection.
  • Can you say leverage?  They make you look taller… and tall girl is a hot girl.
  • Who wants to be an Audrey?  Heels are more classy.  In general they are more attractive, exquisite, and sexy.
  • The vibes you give off.  Heels make guys think you have a greater sense of confidence, sassiness, and sexual power.
  • Height does matter.  Three inches or more is preferred while two inches or less screams librarian.
  • Practice makes perfect.  A girl who can actually walk in a pair of heels with her back straight and a little strut is the sexiest.  Slouching or stumbling is not a good look.
  • Keep them clean.  They should always be kept in good working condition.
  • The laws of attraction.  There is a sexual attraction between a pretty woman and her heels just as for some women there is a  sexual attraction with a man in a uniform.  It’s not the shoes themselves that are stimulating… it’s the shoes being worn by a woman.

Neiman Marcus Shows Akris at the pARTy

Akris S/S 2015 RTW Runway at the Phoenix, Art Museum, Photo by AZ Style Girl

Akris S/S 2015 RTW Runway at the Phoenix Art Museum, Photo by AZ Style Girl

When Neiman Marcus shows the Akris spring/summer 2015 ready to wear collection on a make shift runway at the Phoenix Art Museum, it’s nothing less than a prelude to a pARTy.  This year the luxury retailer showed the designer collection at the Phoenix Art Museum’s annual benefit gala, which was the first time a fashion show was presented at the event.

Neiman Marcus Shows Akris at the pARTy, Photo by AZ Style Girl

Neiman Marcus Shows Akris at the pARTy, Photo by AZ Style Girl

Guests were dressed to the nines for this black tie affair and didn’t let the rainy day weather curb their style.  Prior to the show guests mingled in the Andy Warhol exhibit, sipped champagne, and noshed on hors-d’oeuvres.  The fashion choices ranged from elegance (a floor length teal gown accessorised with a gorgeous Fendi baguette bag), to those who supported Warhol (Campbell’s Soup ties were in full force).

Akris Opening Runway Look, Photo by AZ Style Girl

Akris Opening Runway Look, Photo by AZ Style Girl

Although I cannot confirm what happened at the pARTy, as I’m a working girl not a high roller (tickets were a pretty penny), I can vouch for the fashion. Akris is a family run design house based out of Switzerland.  Currently two brothers Albert Kriemler, head of design, and Peter Kriemler, head of finances, are running the show.  Neiman Marcus pulled looks from Albert’s spring/summer 2015 ready to wear collection, which showcased a clean minimal color palette and design aesthetic. 

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It was a beautiful show enjoyed by all (to include the Governors muscly security guard), and hopefully a show of fashion will become a static affair to the Phoenix Art Museums pARTy each year.  In the meantime I’ll be supporting the look of Albert’s Akris spring/summer 2015 ready to wear collection by rocking visors, cutouts, and perforated fashion.