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Modify Watches

Modify Watches, Photo by AZ Style Girl

Modify Watches, Photo by AZ Style Girl

I just found out about this watch company at Lucky FABB in LA and had to check them out.  The brand was a fresh start up and brainchild of two dope dudes back in 2010.  They offer a great selection of faces made out of stainless steel and a plethora of silicone straps for consumers to choose from. The end result is a fun customized timepiece.  How great is it to be your own watch designer?

With such good product selection and designs it was hard for me to choose my personalized combo at first, but then it spoke to me.  The black polka dot face and bright pink strap called out my name and I had to sink them into my cart.  Modify Watches have two band sizes to choose from; the classic and the mini, and all watches are unisex.  I chose the classic size because I go big or go home, plus on a personal styling note, big watches are the craze for chicks right now.

To make things even more awesome the watches are water resistant!  Let your new watch be the perfect accessory for pool time or travel along as your snorkeling partner.  Just don’t go all Jacques Cousteau deep water because your snazzy watch might not recover from that adventure.  As an added bonus, Modify Watches will send you a nifty replacement battery if heaven forbid the ticker should stop.

I was welcomed with open arms to the Modify Watch family and had outstanding customer service.  I placed my order and almost instantaneously my new timepiece arrived.  The product itself is great, but I’m even more impressed by just how FUN this company is. I completely fell in love with their packaging style, which is unique and gets you pumped up to see your watch.

I extend a big thank you to Modify Watches for getting me excited about their great new product, for being so kind, and for having outstanding customer service skills.  As consumers we are lucky to run across a brand like theirs.

Modify Watches prides themselves on listening to their consumers and encourage suggestions for product design, etc. So, as lover of bow ties, I would design a bow tie faced Modify Watch and name it the “Bow Tie Player” by AZ Style Girl.

To check out Modify Watches fun, colorful and dope interchangeable timepieces click here: modifywatches.com

A Review of Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty

Drew Barrymore's Flower Beauty, Photo by AZ Style Girl

Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty, Photo by AZ Style Girl

I recently attended Lucky FABB in LA and was gifted some amazing Flower Beauty products by Drew and her team.  I’ve never tried this brand before, and today I finally had the chance.  Drew recently launched Flower Beauty, which is sold at Walmart, and makes high quality beauty products affordable.  All products from the line are made in the USA and are not tested on animals.  They each have their own unique packaging style with Drew’s signature touch of rose gold.

I started my eye look with Flower Beauty’s Color Play Crème Eyeshadow in Time Willow Tell.  It’s a green/gold shadow that’s perfect for anyone with green, blue-green, or hazel eyes.  I was a little hesitant to dive into the product at first, but boy I’m glad I did.  Inside the pot you will find a plastic top with a handle that covers the eyeshadow.  I used it as a mini painter’s palette to warm up the color prior to application.  I’m not sure if this is its true purpose, but if so it’s a great idea!  I’m a girl obsessed with crème shadows, but unfortunately many brands don’t get them right.  Drew on the other hand nailed it.  The eyeshadow applies smoothly without creasing and has great pigmentation.  It’s also a great base to pair with a matte shadow for a showstopper look.  I’m officially hooked on this  crème eyeshadow, and I can’t wait to try my second color, Rest on Your Laurel.  These gems are priced at Walmart for $7.98.

After finishing my eyeshadow I applied Flower Beauty’s Easy on the Eyes Long Wear Eyeliner in Khaki Shimmer.  I’m not sure if the Flower Beauty Gods were shining on me or if it was a total coincidence, but this liner was the perfect sidekick to my Time Willow Tell shadow.  The liner is retractable with a built-in sharpener, a must have combo and personal preference of mine.  The color glided on smooth and did not pull or tug.  Once again I’m a huge fan, and look forward to testing out my second color, Aubergine.  These gliders are priced at Walmart for $5.98.

I finished off my eyes with Flower Beauty’s Extreme Measures Lengthening Mascara in Black.  The tube in its dark purple metallic color and rose gold lettering exudes sex appeal prior to opening, and inside you will find an hourglass shaped wand.  Now I know every reputable makeup artist will tell you not to do this, but I fully admit to pumping my mascara.  It gets more product on the wand for a little more bang for your buck and with Drew’s cost effectiveness why skimp?  I’ve never used an hourglass shaped wand before and I absolutely love it.  This mascara lengthens and it will take your lashes to the extreme, even the bottom ones.  It fanned out all of my lashes individually and there was no smudging or clumping.  This sexy mascara is priced at Walmart for $6.98.

I have nothing but cheers for this product.  I’ve worn it all day and nothing moved, smeared, or ended up somewhere it shouldn’t be.  I’m thrilled to have discovered this brand and encourage my readers to check it out.  Anyone who is mindful about spending money on makeup must try this product.

For more insight about Drew and her new beauty line pick up the May 2013 issue of Lucky Magazine, and link to Flower Beauty here: flowerbeauty.com

I extend a big thank you to both Flower Beauty and Lucky Magazine for helping me discover the brand.